Made In NYC

By sourcing materials and manufacturing locally, we specify and approve all aspects of SAC à BAGUETTE™ in an ongoing manner. This has permitted the development of a fresh market tote bag with unique features: great design and craftsmanship, durable quality and beautiful materials that enhance the experience of using and wearing SAC à BAGUETTE for many years.

At Local Global, we believe in strengthening local economies and safeguarding crafts through an alliance with design. The not-so-simple act of making things well is important for the spirit of both the individual and the community.

Bags and the Oceans

The Ocean Conservancy’s efforts in educating on the scale and dangers of marine debris have inspired us to commit 2% of the retail price of SAC à BAGUETTE to this vital organization. Plastic bags are among the major contributors to marine debris. Marine mammals and birds, especially, can become entangled or ingest plastic bags, resulting in death.

Visit the Ocean Conservancy’s website — — to learn more about its inspiring work to save our oceans, and please take your own reusable tote whenever you go shopping.


We are interested in hearing what you think about sustainability, local production and cleaning up the oceans. Email us at